When you play the online slots, you have plenty of choices before you. You can go to the simple classic slots all the way to the extreme video slots with progressive jackpots up for grabs. If you want to enjoy the slots games with the most popular features, then you will want to play the online video slots games with a lot of bonus rounds, progressive jackpots and more.

Here is an inside look at some of the most popular features the hottest online slots have available for players to enjoy:

Video slots have strong themes and great graphics

The video slots are some of the most popular, largely due to the fantastic graphics and strong themes they have to offer. Video slots are usually themed after exciting movies, popular superheroes, well-known game shows, strong characters, gorgeous places, loved bands or other topics of interest that make for some fun slots. The graphics and sound quality on these slots also tend to be fantastic, bringing the online slots gaming enjoyment up to a whole other level.

Video slots tend to have a lot of player options

Another thing so many like about playing the video slots is they generally offer players the chance to enjoy a lot of different player options that allows them to experience a more personalized playing experience. Some of the different player options that many of the online video slots games can have include:

  • Autoplay, so players can have the reels spin a certain number of times on their own
  • The ability to select the number of paylines the player wishes to play each spin
  • Different gaming modes where some games allow players to choose to change the backgrounds and other features at their will
  • Progressive jackpots that players can try for by meeting the minimum wagering requirement
  • Interactive play where the players make decisions that control the outcome of the bonus rounds

Video slots have bonus symbols

The video slots usually have bonus symbols that make it easier for you to win. Some examples of these symbols include scatters, wilds, free spins and bonus symbols. Scatters increase the payouts, wilds create more wins by replacing other symbols and bonus symbols trigger bonus rounds where varying prizes can be won.

The free spins symbols can take you into free spins rounds where the reels spin for free while you get to keep the money won during the rounds.

Video slots have bonus rounds

Many of the video slots also have bonus rounds, some of which take place in second screens and are even interactive. These bonus rounds come in all different styles and can add a lot of excitement to the games, as well as chances to win a lot of extra money and large jackpots.