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As the website title suggest I review online slots and give the low down on which are worth playing, and which are just there to make the casino look bigger and better. Although the statement may seem odd I strongly believe there is no need for so many slots, i imagine many are unplayed and just sit there doing nothing.

Obviously we all like different things, different features and games, but some slots are plain boring. I show you what I think are the best, and hope you agree!

Where to play the best online slots?

I do have our top casinos which I will review along side the slots. Bonuses are great but better slots and if you like slot races or tournaments they matter more than a sign up bonus.

There are wayyy to many online casinos and I play at just 3, I’ve reviewed them from a slot players point if view. Roulette, blackjack, craps and all those other table games don’t interest me at all. mcasino is where I play the majority of the time if on my mobile. That link gives you a review that covers pretty much everything for you mobile casino connoisseurs. My casino reviews are as said for slots players like me.

Check my reviews

In the side bar of the website you’ll see all the reviews on my favourite online slots. You can also use the search feature to look for one in particular. Most are video slots or jackpot slots as they are more modern and interactive than the older and much more basic slots. If you disagree with me, that’s your opinion, if you agree with me then congratulations you are a genius and are in the right place.

In all honesty I have tried hundreds of slots but ignore many after just a few spins. To make it onto this slot review site they have to be something rather special. Hopefully this helps readers whittle out the crap and only play the slots worth playing!